Tradine DeFi Overview

Tradine is a Token, Future Swap and Cryptocurrency Dashboard Tracker that aims to hyper focus on new means of Marketing for Projects and Businesses.
"Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is transforming the way that Americans make payments and conduct their financial lives" - theblockchainassociation.org
Public Notice: Web3 is a Level-Up for the Internet and World Wide Web. Tradine will be utilizing Web3 along with making advancements into what a DeFi Community, Tracker, Dashboard, and Swap Exchange can really be. Tradine DeFi overstands the potential of building DAPP's. We take our expansion seriously. This is why we're already developing the TradineSwap DAPP.

Quick Look

Got 2 minutes? Here's an overview of Tradine Token:

Tradine Token:

Take Note: The Tradine website will soon have a complete DAPP integrated. Be sure to follow our Tradine DeFi Twitter to keep informed.

Business 2 Business

Learn the fundamentals of Tradine Tracking to get a deeper understanding of our main features:
"I see it as the Number 1 Destination for Institutions that can index it when they can." Kevin O'Leary
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